Is your business future ready?

With the rise of digital disruption and strong focus on innovation, businesses of all shapes and sizes are feeling the increasingly competitive pressure to act quickly – to invest in the right innovation project, take it to market and be ahead of the disruption curve.

With statistics that indicate an innovation failure rate of 70-80%, there’s a real need to apply a scientific approach to beat the odds. In short – get a better ROI, achieve greater success certainty and act with speed and agility. We are working with senior corporate executives to achieve just that!

Through Wrays Ignite, we bring together a unique, highly efficient and proven data science driven method backed by a strong strategic rationale. We’re helping our clients to be proactive – giving them the power to efficiently evaluate and execute innovative products and services.

Manage the risk. Make smart strategic decisions.

Developed by global experts

The data science methodology delivered by our partner, Growth Science, is the result of a breakthrough research collaboration in 2007-2008 between Thomas Thurston, then at Intel Capital, and Professor Clay Christensen of Harvard University using Disruption Theory at its core. Adopted in Silicon Valley this approach to strategy has also resulted in outstanding success rates across Fortune 500 companies and is now being explored in boardrooms across Australia.

Don’t get left behind.

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