Phil Burns
Electrical Engineering, General Mechanical, Information & Computer Technology, Sydney
IP Management, Patents
Senior Associate

Phil Burns is an Australian Patent and Trade Mark Attorney and a New Zealand Patent Attorney with over 13 years of experience in protecting his clients’ intellectual property.

Phil Burns has extensive experience in drafting patent applications for a wide variety of technologies including photonics and bio-photonics, Software, IT applications and algorithms, optical physics, laser technologies and applications.

He also has experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications for medical and mechanical devices, biotechnology analysis systems / bio-informatics, electrical & electronic engineering applications as well as business methods.

Prior to joining Wrays, Phil worked with a number of other IP firms including Baxter IP, Shelston IP and Spruson & Ferguson, and has experience working in in-house attorney roles for innovative multinational and research organisations such as Resmed Limited, and the CSIRO (on secondment).

Phil has authored and co-authored many well-received and highly cited articles in high impact peer-reviewed journals and international conference meetings.

He is also co-founder of software start-up company Sajari specialising in large volume search algorithms and applications. Sajari continues to go from strength to strength on the back of its robust patent portfolio and has recently successfully attracted a new round of investment.