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Our Information & Computer Technology (ICT) group specialises in commercial systems, electrical and electronic engineering, computer hardware and software. As the ICT landscape changes and clients’ activities broaden due to the extended reach of online mediums, we are constantly adapting and expanding our knowledge base.

The ICT client base includes a range of high tech industries, as well as software programmers and robotics developers.

The Team

Commercial Agreements, Commercial & Technology, Dispute Resolution
IP Management, Patents
Senior Associate
Designs, Patents
Senior Associate
Commercial Agreements
Commercial National Practice Leader
Management & Strategic Services, Wrays Ignite
Director - Wrays Solutions
Management & Strategic Services, Patents, Strategic IP Advice, Wrays Ignite
Designs, Patent Litigation, Patents
Commercial Agreements, Copyright, Copyright Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Domain Names, Patent Litigation, Patents, Trade Marks
Brand Protection & Trade Marks, Commercial Agreements, Commercial & Technology, Copyright, Copyright Litigation, Domain Names, Strategic IP Advice, Trade Mark Litigation, Trade Marks, Wrays Ignite
Special Counsel
Patent Litigation, Patents
IP Consultant